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The Willow's Reach

Reaching out with reiki healing for people, pets and the planet


Lisa is a very nice and kind person she cares about others and is very lovely.

I bought a Spirit Connection Reading from her and it resonated and was spot on. I love her job and the patience she has with all.

I admire her, she is genuine and I recommend her 100% with my eyes closed to everyone.

She is honest and organized.

She is the best.

Thank you again Lisa!! <3


At first I was a bit iffy about trying this. but when I did, I was amazed and shocked at how amazing it works! My anxiety has calmed down tremendously and I feel extremely refreshed and awake that I can focus on my schooling more easily and I don’t feel sleepy easily as well! I highly recommend Lisa for everyone, she’s the real deal! I will def continue to go to Lisa for a session . And love how kind and generous she is. And the price is reasonable as well!


"I found Lisa through other people and my intuition led me to look into her more. I've had 2 reiki sessions so far and I feel more calmer than I have before, sometimes I'm anxious but I haven't been since having reiki. I have a strained lower back near my vertebrae and after the first session, it was better by half. I lift heavy things at work so it's holding up really well.

If you find yourself a little down and emotional in the next few days after the session, that's normal, for me anyway, you feel great afterwards though.

I had 2 sessions on my old dog, she is more calm and laid back, doesn't get that little anxiety thing happening, she's more happier.

I had 1 session with my toy poodle and she is really calm now, before she was highly active, anxious and nervy, thanks to Lisa, they are more relaxed. Both dogs had painful areas, arthritis in my old dog seems to not be there as she bounds around now and my toy poodle had some pain when she jumped, now she can do little jumps without any pain.

I feel like I'm getting rid of old, unwanted energies that keep me trapped in the past and feeling glum.

Lisa is such a kind and loving person, I highly recommend her, you won't be disappointed."

Jen Bailey

"I have had quite a number of reiki sessions with Lisa thus far and they were wonderful. I was guided to her from another gifted friend that informed me that she felt a nudge for me to contact her. Lisa by far is a very wonderful, kind and loving person that is ready to help you any way she can. The energy I felt after each session was unique and I could finally feel the release of pent up energy from my body due to so many years of tension. It had gotten to the point where one of my chakra's had nearly shut down but she was able to heal it. I was thankful and I even saw a difference in my energy after each session. Her reports are very spot on, thorough and right on the mark! The angels heard my pleas. Even some of my spirits made themselves known to her including one specific female figure. I would recommend Lisa and I am glad that I had the opportunity to receive several reiki sessions with her. She is a blessing in so many ways."

Thank you, Cliff M.

Alexander - The Restless Heart

"I have received multiple Reiki sessions from Lisa and she is an amazing person and Reiki healer. She is kind and considerate and always gives more. Her followup and report on her findings and what she has done on my behalf have always been full of information and very intuitive. I recommend Lisa and the Willows Reach to others all the time."


"I have had Lisa's Reiki sessions several times now, and she never ceases to amaze me. No one connects to me better! She's very intuitive and I always wake up refreshed and renewed with energy from her healings. I can not recommend any one more, I'm always astonished by the results! This amazing woman blows me away Everytime. She has a way of looking into your soul and making a connection like no other. And you won't find anyone with a bigger heart."

sammantha - A Soothed Soul

"I had my first reiki ever the other day (birthday)and what a great experiennce I have several spirts and lisa asked me to tell them not to show themselves as it can be startling..******side note**** i am not great in communicating with my spirts Anyway after lisa said she saw a black tail and heard a growl and asked me if i knew who it was....i was able to figure it out.....incidently i have been dealing with ae few bullying/ignorant staff at my job (in housekeeping dept in care home) and have been wanting one of my companions to defend me so asked him.....the next day at work one of the care aides came out of the stairwell....and said "that's weird i heard a growl".......thanks to lisa i found my defender ☺"

linda - Grrrrrowl

"I was give a wonderful gift by The Willow's Reach for my birthday; the morning after I got up and got ready for work, it wasn't till I was at work that I noticed my shoulder did not hurt. That my chest was not feeling as tight or wheezy and this is the big one! My lower back and tailbone stopped hurting and still aren't bothering me! I was very thirsty for days and ready for bed much earlier, I also felt so much more "centered and full of a calm sense of purpose". Thank you for the amazing gift and will happily recommend you."


"Lisa is wonderful! Her communication before and after the session showed her commitment to helping people. I am anticipating my second session, and will be buying a session for my dog as well. I've purchased distance reiki sessions from others before, and Lisa is far and away a real bargain for what help she provides. Very happy customer!"

Danielle - Refreshed & Recharged

"My session with Lisa was amazing, and I'm blessed to have received healing from her. Lisa's healing truly made a difference, and the report I received afterwards was amazing. Lisa is a talented and compassionate healer, and I would recommend Lisa to anyone in need of healing. <3"

Rose~of~Lavender - Lisa is an amazing healer

"Thank you Lisa for giving me the opportunity to experience your services. It was a very productive session, with an impressive attention to detail. Nothing was missed. The energy I received was more than healing, I am still in awe. I will be back for more sessions soon. Looking forward to it!"

Neighbor - Very impressed!

"Lisa's service is IMPRESSIVE! TOP-NOTCH!! WOW!!! Her response is fast. She's always there when you need her. She won't sugar coat anything and she will tell you everything that you need to know! When you read the report, she does explains every single steps with you. It makes you feel like she's actually present right next to you during the session! lol Everything is really detailed and easy to understand. I love how she includes the observation part! That might be an important message to me. Something that I might not notice myself. Lisa doesn't end at the end of the service. She even gives me suggestions and advices! You can tell she has so much passion about her job!!! I love this lady!!!! Thank you again Lisa! :) <3"

pzaza - Lisa's fans! LOL

"After just one session, Lisa has become my go-to gal for helping with all of my energetic needs. As an energy practitioner myself, I know the importance of having an objective practitioner who can work with me and offer perspective in my own life. Self-treatments are great, but working with a thorough, kind and sincere professional like Lisa from time to time is a much-needed treat and a real pleasure for me. She's a kind person whose genuine caring is evident in our exchanges and in the thoroughness of her energetic work with me. A session with Lisa is like a luxurious energetic spa experience for your mind, body and spirit. The healing energies I have experienced from our work together have been gentle, loving & very powerful. Lisa's insights after our time together have been thorough & enlightening. I'm always excited to read her well-organized and very detailed report of our session. Whatever your needs, I can't recommend Lisa more highly!"
Kim Loftis

"My session with Lisa was phenomenal. Not only did she relieve my pain, but her in depth evaluation was invaluable. She's highly skilled and is the real deal. I'm a client of hers for life and am looking forward to my next session!"

alluringlady - Forever Client

"I just want to say I have been working with Lisa for a bit and she is amazing! She is so kind and she is bring me back to where I need to be one session at time! I love this women she ROCKS!!!"

Staci Thornton

"I had a reiki session from Lisa and she is wonderful, I feel much better and have more energy. She is very organised and professional. The report was very detailed and clear, I loved it all. Thank you for everything Lisa much love <3."

Yesire - Customer

"I really feel amazing after my sessions with Lisa! It's always amazing how much she puts into her sessions. This is the 3rd time I have had healing with her, and it's always something I look forward to! Right away, I felt my throat area tingling and I KNEW that was one area that was being focused on during my session! She noted that was an area of issue after too!!I highly recommend Lisa! She is the real deal! Not to mention, she is a genuinely good person to know!! :D"


"Prior to receiving reiki from Lisa, I had only received reiki healing from one other person. My Mom. When my mom passed in 2013 I was hesitant to see anyone else. Then I found Lisa. On the one year anniversary of my mom's passing I received my first attunement from Lisa. I had trepidation and Lisa put me at ease. Her energy is calm and relaxing. That session was emotional for both of us to say the least. I have been a client ever since. I highly recommend her services. LISA IS AMAZING!"

Tami Andruchowitz

"I just have to share, I have been receiving several different types of energy healings over the last few years. They have helped me immensely. I am able to do things the doctors said I wouldn't. Just under a year ago I was introduced to Lisa Congemi, and her wonderful healings. I encourage you to visit her website and learn a little more. Lisa has done healing work not only on me, but 3 of my 4 dogs. She has helped Belle, with her skin issues and fears. She has helped Benji with his bad hip, and today with Miss Boo Boo. I posted earlier about her snake bite. Hind sight is 20/20. I wish I had videotaped her before and after. Literally within 15 minutes of the time Lisa treated her, she was back to her old self. She calmed down, actually became more alert, started wagging her tail and her nose is cold and moist again. She actually wanted a treat. Lisa's fee's are more than reasonable, and she provides remarkable results!"

Erin Marfongella - WONDERFUL!!!!

"I really didn't know what to expect but during the session I did feel tingling and had a time where my throat was tickling and I had to keep coughing and clearing it. I didn't think much of it until she sent me my reading and she said my throat chakra needed clearing (among few others) Also the few days after the session coworkers even asked me why was I in such a good mood. (I hadn't noticed) but boy now that they mentioned it - I have been and really peaceful and not worried about a certain thing happening in my life like I had before. (that Lisa also picked up on in my neck and shoulders) She is great! The follow up is amazing...I will be back Lisa!"

Carolyn - awestruck

"Lisa was amazing. She is a kind and compassionate soul who was recommended to me by another Reiki friend. She helped a friend of mine get out of a very dark place on an energy level. We are forever thankful. She is thorough, detailed and spot on. You can feel yourself tingle with healing energy. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking energy alignment or healing. She is easy to talk to and goes out of her way to help. Lisa, don't ever change :)"

Samantha - Witchy Momma

"I have been wanting a session for sometime and I'm so glad I finally was able to set one up. The energy was amazing, and only became stronger over the following days, as my aura was repairing and strengthening. I reached a point where a euphoric tingling sensation came over my entire body and I knew the work was finishing up. It was wonderful. Then the report was right on point, in every aspect. I found myself shocked at times while I was reading it because she hit the nail on the head again and again. There were things which came out that I had never told anyone, and she was able to lock in on them. I will definitely be back for more. Thank you so much!"


"I have bought many reiki sessions with her and let me tell you each one left me feeling great. I can sense spirits so when I was a bit clogged, one of her sessions cleared that right up. I recently had a free birthday session and as always, I am never let down. I will continue to be a customer and I highly recommend."

Alyssa - more than satisfied

"I've just had my very first Reiki session with Lisa, and I must say that it was a wonderful experience! Her communication is clear and she really took all the time needed to answer every question I had. The session itself was amazing, I could really notice a difference during and after it. Then, the report she sent me was at the same time intriguing and helpful. It really helped me to understand the link there is between energy issues and physical issues. In a nutshell, I am definitely going to return to The Willow's Reach, it is worth every penny! <3"

NinonP - Very Satisfied Customer

"The work Lisa has done for my pup, husband and now myself has been amazing. Words can't describe how much she is appreciated."

Selkie - Happy

"I was given a free session from Lisa as a birthday gift, and I'm really in awe of her abilities. I've never received a distance lesson, and I admit I fell asleep after around 30 minutes - but definitely feeling the presence. I felt re-energized and much more relieved the next day, I recognized I had gotten used to some constant imbalances, now feeling the difference. I'll definitely stay with Lisa and continue from here!"

Squall - From-now-on-customer

"My wife and I are both satisfied clients. We will definitely continue on our journey with Lisa"

sirhopsalot - trulysatisfied customer

"For any one looking for a more "Holistic" way of healing then you have come to the right place and you are here for a reason. Lisa has been providing me with weekly sessions for over 6 months now, and let me tell you when I first came to her I was in severe pain due to arthritis in both of my knees which made even a simple thing as walking almost impossible. There was not a day that I did not wake up in pain, but since my weekly or twice a week sessions I am nearly pain free!! And I am certain with my continued sessions that I will be totally pain free! Also she is helping me with some emotional stress issues as well and she is doing a wonderful job keeping my Chakras balanced there by keeping me healthy. Lisa is a very kind and caring individual and does everything in her power to make sure that you are comfortable and satisfied with each session. She has an amazing gift and is truly the real deal."

Carol Intha - Extremely Satisfied Customer & Friend

"Lisa is a wonderfully skilled and intuitive Healer. I have had many sessions with her already and will continue to come back time and again! She has easy to follow write ups about each session. If I have questions she is happy to answer them. She is a generous and warm person that everyone should have the privilege to meet and work with."

Bliss - Completely Satisfied Customer

"I had my birthday reading with Lisa and i noticed for a few days i had a few dizzy spells(should have drank more water like she said) but i really felt incredible peace after it all and i loved that she takes the time to write out everything she notices and what she does and the reasons why... Thanks Lisa!"

carolyn - completely satisfied

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